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Reflex Level Indicator
Model No. : MI - 005

Reflex Level Indicator


The Mayur Instruments Reflex Level Indicators are designed for safe and positive
visual indication of liquid level in vessels under high pressure and temperature conditions.


The Mayur Instruments Reflex flat glass Level Indicators has precision moulded
prismatic grooves cut on inner surface, which comes in contact with liquid.
Light striking on glass portion covered by liquid is reflected (absorbed) making this
portion appear BLACK, whereas glass portion covering vapour space reflects light making it appear SILVERY - WHITE. This a sharp clear line marks the liquid, eliminating all possibilities of errors in reading.


Gauge Classification

Low Pressure 30 Kg/cm2
Medium Pressure : 65 Kg/cm2
High Pressure : 100 Kg/cm2

Design Data :

Gauge Glass : Tempered soda ash / Borosilicate (30W x 17mm Thk) / Tempered Borosilicate
(34W x 17mm Thk)
Cushion / Gasket : CAF, CNAF, PTFE, Ss304 Spiral wound with Graphite Filler & Ss316 Spiral
wound with Graphite Filler
Body (Liquid Chamber) : CS, ASTM A-105, SS304, SS316 or PP (CS Reinforced)
Cover Plate : CS, ASTM A-105, SS304, SS316 or FRP
Bolts : CS, SS304 or A 193 Gr. B7
Nuts : CS, SS304 or A 193 Gr. B7
Process Connection : Rear / Rear or Left / Left or Right / Right or Vertical / Vertical Orientation
Isolation Valves : Offset needle valve x auto ball check x screwed bonnet (85 Kg/cm2) / Union bonnet (165 Kg/cm2) / Bolted bonnet (210 Kg/cm2)

Vent : ½” NPT (BSP for PP / TEFLON MOC) plug / valve (Ball, Needle, Diaphragm,
Globe, Gate as required)
Drain : 1/2” NPT (BSP for PP / TEFLON MOC) plug / valve (Ball, Needle, Diaphragm,
Globe, Gate as required)
Calibrated Scale : Polycarbonate / SS304 / Aluminum
Special Features : A) Frost free extn. :- Perspex shield with extension of 30mm.
B) Jacketing :- Enclosure Cast Al, WP IP 65 or Ex-proof Gr. IIA & IIB or IIC
Note : Longer C-C Distance are provided in 2 chambers coupled with flange coupler