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Acrylic U Tube Monometer

Acrylic U Tube Manometer :
Model No. : MI - 013 (A)

The “Mayur instruments” make “U” tube Manometer. This manometer is very simple .It is useful while measuring pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and flow chemical plants .

They are also useful in laboratory experiments and projects because of their accuracy.



U Tube Monometer (Metalic Body)

U Tube Monometer (Metalic Body) :†
Model No. : MI - 013 (B)

The Mayur Instruments U - Tube Manometer is the basic and mostly used style of manometer. The U - Tube manometer is a versatile, economical instrument for the measurement of pressure, vacuums or differential pressures. Pressure
measurements are accomplished by balancing a vertical head of indicating fluid with the pressure to be measured. As there is no cams, gears or levers to operate in the manometer, the readings obtained are always accurate.


The U Tube Manometer, have “U” shaped tube, half filled with liquid (Water / Mercury / SP Gr. 0.81). When both the tubes are open, the liquid is at the same height in each leg (Tube / Limbs). When positive pressure is applied to one leg the liquid is forced down in that leg and up in the other. The difference in the height, which is the sum of the reading above and below zero, tells you the pressure. When vacuum is applied to one leg, the liquid rises in that leg and falls in the other. The difference in the height indicates the amount of vacuum. The U Tube Manometer, consisting of two Glass Limbs. Stainless Steel / Brass Connecting fittings mounted on a metallic frame, provided with White Acrylic Scale with zero at the center. The U Tube Liquid Column Manometer we provide is used to determine Velocity and Static Pressure, Leakage, Fan Efficiency and Gas Pressure. The Manometer will be protected with transparent acrylic front cover fix with Aluminum frame and external zero adjustment Knob / Drain Plug / Fill Plug will Be Provided.


Type : U - Type
Ranges : 120-0-120 / 150-0-150 / 200-0-200 / 250-0-250 / 300-0-300mm
Pressure Rating : 250 PSIG
Mounting : Wall / Flush / Base Mounting
Indicating Tube : Glass
Packing : Neoprene
Body : Aluminum
Wetted Parts : Cast Iron / 316 SS / PVC
Scale Finish : Satin Aluminum, Black Graduations
Finish : Aluminum Body, Black crackle enamel head
Filling : Mercury / Water
Resolution : 1mm
Accuracy : ±0.2% ± 0.5mm
Max. Temp : Up to 250°C

Single Limb Monometer (Metalic Body)


Single Limb Monometer†(Metalic Body)†:
Model No. : MI - 012

The Mayur Instruments Single Limb Well Type Manomater is used for
direct reading for the precision measurement of pressure, Vacuum, differential pressure, flow and liquid level measurement device ideal for various process applications. These Manometers are general purpose, direct reading and relatively simple instruments. The well type single limb manomater is accurate &
reliable as well as high;y versatile for many applications. All scales are graduated to correct for the drop in the well level.


The Single Limb Well Type Manometer, in general consisting of Stainless steel fittings, Borosil Glass Limbs mounterd
on a metallic frame, provided with White Acrylic Scale with zero at the bottom. The Manometer we provide will be protected with Transparetn Front Cover and External Zero Adjustment Knob. The Single Limb Manometer has Fill Plug, Drain Plug, Leveling Screw, Sprit Level, and Adjustment Knob arrangements. These arrangements assure proper and accurate working of the Single Limb Manometer. For convenient working we provide Nozzle Type and Screwed Type processes connection that is available in 1/8" BSP/NPT, 1/4"BSP/NPT.
Our Single Limb Manometer ensures efficient working with Wall as well as Table (Stand) Mounting. Our rang eof stand mounted model in Manometer includes 3 legged Stand, having 3 nos levelling screw and attached Round Bull Eye Sprit Level.

Mounting : Wall / Flush / Base Mounting
Filling : Mercury / Water
Ranges : 60, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 cm.
Resolution : 1mm
Accuracy : ±0.2% ± 0.5mm
Wetted Parts : SS 304, SS 316, CS, PP, PTFE
Floats : SS 316, PTFE, PVC, PP
Packing : Neoprene, PTFE, Silicon
Scale : PVC, Aluminum, SS Engraved
Scale Length : 175 to 200 mm Approx
Rangeability : 10 : 1
End Connection : Threaded Male / Female
Max. Temp : Up to 250°C