Manufacturing & Exporter Level Indicator and level Switches

Reflex Level Indicator, Transparent Level Indicator,Welded Pad Type Indicator, Float & Board Level Indicator, Sight Flow Indicator (Full View), Magnetic Level Indicator, Tubular Level Indicator, Manometer, Top Mounted Level Switch, Double Window Side Glass

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Double Window Side Glass
Model No. : MI - 011

The "Mayur Instruments" make Tubular Level Indicator (Side Mounted). It is a reliable device for direct reading the level of liquid. It is a simplest form of level indicator. These level indicators find wide application for level measurement in process tanks, batching tanks / storage / overhead etc.

Double Window Side Glass


"Mayur Instruments" make Window Type Sight Flow indicator suitable for transparent slightly opaque solution and it may be used for gases m2 & High Pressure / High Temperature 

Material of Wetted Parts 
S.S.304/S.S.316/P.P. Casing Weather Proof

Variation of Flow Rate Indicated By Flapper / Rotar
Material of Construction
M.S./S.S. 304/S.S. 316/P.P.
Teflon, Silicon, Asbestos CF
Test Press
40 Kg/cm2